In Psalms 8:2, God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes. Though my readers aren’t children, I believe in what they are saying and hope you do too.

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Hard to Put Down

I really enjoyed reading this book. It reminds me a lot of The Stand by Stephen King. The story begins during World War 2 then fast forwards to current times. I found the war time parts fascinating. The current day parts contain many twists and turns with drama and mystery. There are so many links between past and present. Like the The Stand it is a fight between good and evil. I think there is something here for everyone.
~ July 9, 2020

Art C.

Different type of mystery showing strength and weakness of individuals!

Genie W.

Very Inspiring

Great book!
~ June 13, 2020


I Couldn’t Wait to See
What Was Next!

This morning I finished reading Emory’s Story. I highly recommend! There is adventure, hope, friendship, love and a faith journey as you follow Emory and later the family in Kentucky through their journeys. The characters come alive and you really gets to know them. I didn’t want to put it down – I couldn’t wait to see what was next.
~ June 10, 2020

Karen R.

Great Read!


Great Story Linking History and Today

At first glance, the 905 page book is scary! But, you’ll begin flying through the engaging historical story and jumping to today. What’s the truth?

Did Emory lose touch with reality? Has the past become current day? Is it all just a made up story? I couldn’t wait to find out. Fully engaging and thought provoking.
~ July 14, 2020

Michelle C.

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