Synopsis for Emory’s Story, a thrilling historical fiction

This majestic tale follows Paul and his wife Yvonne as they search for a new house and discover Emory Story’s house. Emory is a World War II veteran and a widower who has lived in the house alone since his wife died thirty years earlier. The house would be perfect for Paul and Yvonne, but Emory has stipulations before he would sell the house: the couple must protect the apple tree and its contents on the property.

Emory provides Paul with an unpublished manuscript written by his deceased wife to explain this responsibility. The manuscript details Emory and his wife’s romance during and after World War II, how they came in control of the apple tree, and the importance of protecting it.

Paul and Yvonne read the manuscript and purchase the house, with the promise to accept responsibility, even if they believe Emory may have lost touch with reality. Sixteen years pass and Paul’s family lives happily in the house, with the apple tree fully protected, as promised. Paul’s son makes a discovery that brings the entire situation into perspective, as Emory may have been more honest than Paul imagined. This decades-long story comes satisfyingly full circle and shows the enduring power of love.

This thrilling historical fiction book was published by Newman Springs Publishing, readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Emory’s Story” online: